SyncCC is a library to modularly tame asynchronous programming on the Web. This library uses continuations and aspects to allow developers to write asynchronous code in a synchronous manner. SyncCC is currently implemented in Rhino and AspectScript.

You can download this library with examples of the paper here. This version contains:

  • The two examples of the paper: story and book handlers
  • Libraries to emulate a browser
  • Libraries to use AspectScript
  • SyncCC.js
  • to execute the story example
  • to execute the book example
  • Note: You need Rhino 1.7.6 to execute the examples.

    To execute an example:

    Without SyncCC:
  • './run-example-[*].sh'
  • In Rhino, execute 'load("example-[*].js")'
  • Then, execute 'executeExample()'

  • With SyncCC:
  • './run-example-[*].sh synccc'
  • In Rhino, execute 'load("t.js")'
  • Then, execute 'executeExample()'
  • SyncCC is designed and implemented by Paul Leger and Hiroaki Fukuda.